Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance Brampton - Your Support When Life Takes the Wrong Turn

Disability can handicap not just your body, but also the very existence of your family and you. However, life is all about bouncing back from setbacks. Disability insurance can be your knight in shining armor when disaster strikes your life and renders you incapable of continuing the life you are accustomed to. Akal Insurance, an established name in Brampton, offers comprehensive disability insurance policies that support you when life takes the wrong turn.

What is disability insurance?

In specific terms, disability insurance is a policy that supplements your income when you become incapable of working to the best of your potential because of a disability. In other words, it partially neutralizes the financial risk posed by a disability that hampers your income earning potential.

The term 'disability' includes both physical and mental disorders. It could by a physical injury, an illness or some emotional trauma.

Essentially, disability insurance pays a percentage of your current income when you become incapable of working either because of your job related reasons or because of any other factor. The percentage covered is decided at the time you buy the policy.

Why choose Akal Insurance as your disability insurance provider?

You get two major benefits when you buy a policy with from us.

  • Quick buying process
  • Quick and easy payout package if and when you suffer from a disability

We try to make the service as quick, easy and convenience as possible. We offer flexible policies to suit your budget and requirements.

We offer short and long term disability insurance quotes Brampton within a few hours of request. Call us today for more details.

When you buy disability insurance, you have two options - short term policy and long term policy. Akal Insurance is a specialist in long term disability Brampton service. You can also check out our range of short term policies.

What is short term disability insurance?

Typically, short term disability insurance covers a percentage of your income for up to two years from the day of incurring the disability. It is used as a form of temporary sick leave.

What is long term disability insurance?

Long term disability insurance provides cover after your short term insurance expires. The cover continues either until you can return to work or until the term specified in the policy. The shorter of the two periods is chosen to be coverage period.