Do Canadians travelling overseas require travel insurance? Why local health insurance is not applicable?

If you are travelling outside Canada, the best Canadian government can do is wish you "BON VOYAGE". As per the official statement by 'Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada': "Do not rely on your provincial or territorial health plan to cover costs if you get sick or are injured while abroad. Out-of-country health care can be costly, and your health plan may not cover any medical expenses abroad. It is your responsibility to seek information from your provincial or territorial health authority and to obtain supplementary travel insurance and understand the terms of your policy." So, it becomes crucial to own travel insurance when travelling into or outside Canada. Provincial health insurance has its limitations.

How does single Trip coverage count stopovers and when are insurance days counted from?

The insurance cover is applicable for the entire time from the date you are leaving your province for trip. When you leave your home, the cover can be activated instantly. So, your insurance coverage date can be the first date of your trip or the last date of reaching your home. Government insurance plans differ as per provincial laws. Mostly, emergency return benefits are not included in such plans. Ideally, full trip length should be covered under the insurance cover.

Is insurance cover necessary for travelling within Canada?

Government health insurance plans have their own restrictions. So, reimbursement in case of medical emergencies is, at best, debatable. The medical expenses incurred while travelling inside Canada vary as per plan and province. So, why not secure the insurance cover with our plans.

Can I Extend my travel insurance coverage during the foreign trip?

Yes. You can increase the duration of your travel insurance coverage to match with the extended trip. While on a trip, the insurance cover must not end abruptly leaving you in rough waters. Akal Insurance can provide full coverage for the extended period through your existing travel insurance coverage.

Just contact our 'Assistance Centre' to extend the insurance cover during the trip. In case, the insurance triggering event, like accident, has occurred, the travel insurance cannot be extended. Any change in the health status also nullifies the extension. You must extend the health cover before the travel insurance over. For Multi-Trip Plans, the travel insurance health cover must be topped-up before embarking on the trip.

Are my grandchildren covered while travelling?

Yes, Akal Insurance policies provide coverage to the grandchildren who are characterized as children as per insurance industry. However, it is vital that the child's name be included in the confirmation form as dependent. The family coverage plans also feature this arrangement for the children.

What are Travel Insurance plan's deductibles?

The deductibles for Multi-Trip and single trip travel insurance plans are as per plan chosen by the individual. There are different deductible amounts for emergency medical coverage.

In case of an Accident Abroad, how are immediate medical bills handled?

As per our insurance policy, in case of an accident, get in touch with our experts immediately. Our 'Assistance Centre' will guide you towards the payment of immediate bills and receive first aid or further medical treatment. Akal Insurance has relations with medical service providers throughout the world. We ensure that our clients get all the necessary help in case of emergencies. Our Assistance Centre executive get instantly get in touch with the relevant medical services provider to manage direct billing. Also, we can coordinate the medical procedures to match as per Canadian treatments.

When I travel to Canada, do I have to purchase Insurance from a Canadian Insurance company?

When you visit Canada, the insurance companies are most likely to work with local medical services providers. An international company may delay the process and cause communication delays. Medical providers give preference to only local Canadian insurance companies. Major hospital chains already have network with insurance firms. When you file a claim, the approval process will be faster in case of local firms. The medical charges can be verified clearly and quickly. Canadian insurance companies are regulated by the government of Canada restrictions.

What is the eligibility of Canadian Parent and Grandparent Super Visa?

The grandparents and parents Canadian citizens or PR holders can be considered for entry into Canada. Here are some requisites for super visa eligibility as per the Canadian Government.

These are:

  • Strong and permanent ties with his/her home country
  • Canadian visit's purpose
  • financial state and family life
  • invitation from genuine hosts in Canada

What are the official documents required for Super Visa file?

You can visit www.cic.gc.ca for detailed list of documents for super visa. Consult our immigration experts for complete set of rules and documents required.

  • Written consent in the form of financial support letter from genuine grandchild or children in Canada.
  • Canadian child sponsoring the parent must meet a minimum income threshold as specified in the CIC conditions.
  • Canadian medical insurance purchase proof.
  • Go through Immigration Medical Examination (IME).
Can I purchase health insurance from my home country?

As per the Canadian government, immigration officials require a Canadian medical insurance proof for entry. So, this makes it mandatory to buy insurance only from a Canadian company. Since such firms are regulated by the Canadian government, the authorities consider them safer and easy to regulate.

Can my child purchase policy on my behalf for my visit to Canada?

Yes, Canadian can purchase the visitors insurance policy on your behalf.

How are pre-existing health conditions handled in your visitor insurance plan?

All pre-existing conditions must be satisfied to meet the terms and conditions of the visitor insurance plan. We provide a full list of allowed medical conditions before you choose to buy the policy. The conditions that are not covered under the insurance cover cannot be exempted. Such cases are not granted travel or visitor insurance. Normally, pre-existing health conditions that are allowed include high blood pressure, certain heart conditions, diabetes, allergies etc. Be honest while filling out the questionnaire form for the insurance policy.

Do I have to undergo a medical test before buying Visitors to Canada insurance?

No. Our customers do not have to undergo a medical exam before buying medical visitors insurance. But we do have a general form that asks vital health related questions. This mandatory form is crucial and lying can void your coverage. In case of a claim, we determine the exact claim as per information provided in this form.

Are the tax obligations with Insurance policy premiums?

A written confirmation of the premium amount paid is delivered to the client. This can be sued to deal with any matters pertaining with Canadian revenue agency.

Can I assign beneficiary for my Term Life insurance cover?

During the policy purchase, it is mandatory to assign a beneficiary. You can change the beneficiary during the course of your insurance cover.

When is the death benefit paid to my loved ones?

We pay the complete death benefits as soon as the official death claim proof is received. Akal Insurance is committed to resolve any queries you have with respect to the Canadian insurance policies. There are countless questions in the mind of potential policy buyers. We consider it our duty to answer your every query. Contact our insurance professionals to ask any question you have before you buy insurance policy.