Travel Insurance

Thousands on Canadians make air travel every year, most of these travelers have one thing common among them, that is, they are haunted by the requirement of travel insurance in Canada. To begin with, there are many different types of insurance available in market today, and picking the right one can be tricky.

Here is a list of the primary types of plans available in the country.

Single Trip

This plan is good for people who travel only once in a year. This is the most prominently used plan for travel insurance Canada. Single trip plans provide insurance for an individual who is traveling away from home.

Multi Trip

If you are a frequent flyer it is best for you to purchase multi trip travel medical insurance. Numerous trips are covered in a single insurance for one year. Although, these plans have limitation on the time period of the trips. It is common to find a limit of 15 days to a month; some plans provide you the liberty to make a trip of six months at a stretch.You can check perks provided by credit card issuers if you are looking for multi trip coverage. The charge card that is resting in your wallet can probably provide you protection. Coverage is provided to wife or husband of cardholder along with for the little ones. It can be an effective strategy to reduce cost. You should go through the terms and conditions of the policy very carefully, you should be sure as to what you are getting.

All Inclusive

If you are looking for a complete coverage it is better to have an all inclusive plan. These plans include travel medical insurance, trip interruption or cancellation, health evacuation insurance and baggage insurance plans. These types of travel insurance in Canada have high limits for covering emergency medical service.The only drawback with these plans is the cost. A customer may have to pay more than double as compared to the total cost of the single trip plan. The most effective way out is to purchase a single trip plan and couple it with supplementary trip cancellation plan. It will enable you to save loads of money.

Trip Interruption and Cancellation

Many people take this plan as they are concerned with the expenditure caused due to trip cancellation. These plans come in handy for high priced trips.